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Websites for all kind of business and personal use selling services ou products - online stores


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Freelancer, Web developer & SEO

Hello there, my name is Raul Silva, and I'm a web developer and SEO freelancer. I develop websites and I optimize them. I created this site to give you my contribution and to be able to help those who need a website or have the need to optimize their existent. I have to have always some running project in my hands, it may seem confusing but it is a way to keep myself updated, I am in favor of simple processes, even if they are complicated to achieve, objective design and teamwork, which I believe is the only way achieve anything.
I am optimistic about all things and I prefer to face the challenges in a positive way and it was in this sense that I created Digitalxy. It's called for a very simple reason because I did not think of a better name. When I'm not in front of a computer, it's because I'm upsetting my daughters, especially my Boo (a 4-year) or my wife, in the last case I should be close to some PlayStation...


Content creation to optimize your site in the organic and social search which will generate the traffic you need.


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, of which 68% use Google to do this.

Building websites

I create websites that are custom, creative, always responsive on all devices on CMS Joomla and Wordpress.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an essential  tool to develop a successful web sites 

What does SEO even mean?

SEO is the process of optimizing content online, so that a search engine like Google can show the result in a superior way when searching for a certain keyword.

More about SEO?
optimizar site para a web

Why you should hire a SEO consultant?

together with a web developer
custom web sites

custom web sites

because I create custom websites for enteprises or personal use always with a modern look 
digital marketing

digital marketing

ecause I manage what you have and complement with new updates tools like social networks, newsletters google business...
adapted web sites

adapted web sites

All my web sites adapt them self to any platforms or mobile devices, so everyone searches everywhere
content management

content management

I create or manage all of your text, images or multimedia you need on your web site
SEO - Optimized

SEO - Optimized

Web sites optimised from the start. I have always in mind the importance of SEO 
website / SEO support

website / SEO support

because I'm always near there for you, at a phone call distance, to prevent and solve problems

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